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A customized hospitality

Located in Nardò, near the Cathedral and the entrance to the historic center, Palazzo Vaglio is certainly one of the most romantic place in the city, one that retains the charm of the bourgeois Italian homes of the late nineteenth century.

The spacious and comfortable rooms and suites have a 5 meter high ceiling, and the typical star and pavilion vaults, used in the constructions of Salento.


The focal point of the building is the skylight (Lucernario) lighting up the purple grit stairs. The staircase on the second floor takes you to the terrace, the perfect place to enjoy the view of the domes of the Duomo and the Neretine churches with a glass of Primitivo.

Inside the halls of the Palace, a collection of paintings is exhibited, the result of a fascinating "on-going" collaboration with local collectors.

The sound environmental awereness of the family, has pushed towards innovative and sustainable renewal choices, using passive strategies such as solar energy, regenerated water and local natural building materials, in order to significantly reduce the negative impact of the building on the environment.


The idea is to create a Guesthouse in the wonderful and lively baroque town of Nardo', where guests can meet and appreciate the local taste and tradition, and, at the same time, be few minutes away from the wonderful sea and beaches of Nardò, the park of Porto Selvaggio and Gallipoli.

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